52nd Annual Virginia State Crime Clinic Training Seminar is scheduled for September 28 - September 29, 2017. Updates will be posted on the Seminar Page.



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 51st Annual Virginia State Crime Clinic Training Seminar

2016 Conference: Law Enforcement and private security professionals convened in Virginia Beach for the Virginia State Crime Clinic’s 51st annual training seminar. The seminar was held at the Holiday Inn Virginia Beach/Norfolk Hotel and Conference Center, September 28 – 30, 2016. The seminar, titled “Combining Resources, Law Enforcement and Private Security Professionals”, allowed participates to see how collaboration between the private security industry and public law enforcement could enhance public safety. This joint seminar of Law Enforcement and private security professionals allowed both partners an opportunity to obtain In-Service Credits. The seminar included classes of interest to both management and field personnel, including Security for Houses of Worship – A Matter of Faith, Thinking like a Terrorist, Operations Security, and Legal. The Honorable Glenn Huff, Chief Judge, Court of Appeals of Virginia was the banquet speaker. Comments from Conference attendees: “All presenters were experienced speakers/trainers with well-prepared presentations and professionally executed. I attended a lot of training and this was right at the top, very good course. Keep up the level of training. Well worth the money, some really outstanding training and trainers will be back next year for sure. 1st time attending: Topics didn’t always apply to my job but all were very informative. The insight into security professionals was great and will help me understand their job better and how we can work together, excellent Training. And of course everyone wants next year’s conference at the Beach. There were exhibitors for both Law Enforcement and private security professionals


Pictures of the seminar will be posted on Facebook soon.



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