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In the early months of 1963, a group of concerned law enforcement officers in the Norfolk area saw a need for an organization whereby they could meet to discuss mutual problems and exchange crime information. A meeting was held and Captain C. D. Grant of Norfolk was elected President of the newly organized Tidewater Crime Clinic #1.

Later that year, officers from the Tidewater Crime Clinic traveled to other areas of the state to meet with a group of law enforcement officers expressing a similar desire for cooperation and communication. These meetings resulted in the formation of the Central Virginia Crime Clinic #2 in Richmond, and the Northern Crime Clinic #3 in Fredricksburg.

On January 21, 1964, officers of the three crime clinics met and formed a statewide organization, the Virginia State Crime Clinic. A set of by-laws was adopted and shortly thereafter a state chapter was granted. Captain C. D. Grant was elected the organization’s first state president.

Since 1964, the Virginia State Crime Clinic has grown to be an organization represented by members from all areas of the Commonwealth. The diversity of past presidents have maintained strong leadership within the organization. We a proud to present our past presidents:

YearPast President
1964C. D. Grant
Captain, Norfolk Police Department
1965F. S. Duling
Major, Richmond Police Department
1966Reeves E. Johnson
Chief, Virginia Beach Police Department
1967G. H. Slate
Chief, Petersburg Police Department
1968Robert G. Broughton
Captain, Portsmouth Police Department
1969C. F. Sanders, Jr.
Lieutenant, Norfolk Police Department
1970J. F. Ritchie
Chief, Harrisonburg Police Department
1971A. L. Rutherford
Chief, Williamsburg Police Department
1972J. R. Kea
Sergeant, Richmond Police Department
1973N. A. Lineberry
Chief, Galax Police Department
1974T. J. Cundiff
Sheriff, Bedford County Sheriff's Office
1975R. R. Kerzaya
Lieutenant, United States Park Police
1976D. C. Hart
Corporal, Norfolk Police Department
1977Jack Stigall
Chief, Bristol Police Department
1978P. E. McCauley
Lieutenant, Charlottesville Police Department
1979Garland Forrester
Sheriff, Lancaster County Sheriff's Office
1980Charlie A. Hodnett
Sheriff, Campbell County Sheriff's Office
1981N. Ben Rogerson
Captain (Retired), Norfolk Police Department
1982Mason Chalkley
Captain, Chesterfield County Police Department
1983L. H. Holsclaw
Deputy Chief, Arlington County Police Department
1984O. G. Broome
Captain, Bristol Police Department
1985Virgil A. Miller
Sergeant, Westmoreland County Sheriff's Office
1986John H. Dolan
Inspector, Norfolk Naval Base Police Department
1987D. W. Robertson
Investigative Supervisor, Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
1988David W. Graham
Deputy Sheriff, Westmoreland County Sheriff's Office
1989George Pever
Lieutenant, Arlington Police Department
1990Ronald L. Webster
Patrolman, Charlottesville Police Department
1991William N. Gerke
Captain, Washington Metro Transit Police Department
1992Richard A. Justice
Lieutenant Colonel, Chesapeake Police Department
1993T. J. Stanley
Deputy Assistant Director, Virginia State Police
1994Norman D. Croy
Deputy Sheriff, Montgomery County Sheriff's Office
1995John W. O'Connell
CPP, Phillip Morris U.S.A.
1996Rick Williams
Lieutenant, Portsmouth Police Department
1997Nelson Thayer
Chief (Retired), Colonial Beach Police Department
1998Al Johnson
Major, Frederick County Sheriff's Office
1999Mike Brewer
Lieutenant, Newport News Police Department
2000L. E. Shaw
Captain, Henrico County Police Department
2001George Haudricourt
Regulatory Affairs (Retired), ADT
2002Alan Donker
Detective, Portsmouth Police Department
2003John Herrin
Supervisory Special Agent, CSX Police Department
2004Charles J. Condon
Sergeant, Virginia Beach Police Department
2006Cindy Rogers
Loss Prevention Manager, Virginia Credit Union
2007E. D. Woods
Lieutenant, Chesapeake Police Department
2008Robert E. Hummel
Detective, Chesapeake Police Department
2009Robert E. Hummel
Detective, Chesapeake Police Department
2010Richard Hitt, Jr.
Lieutenant, Fredericksburg Sheriff's Office
2011Richard Hitt, Jr.
Lieutenant, Fredericksburg Sheriff's Office
2012Charles J. Condon
Sergeant, Virginia Beach Police Department
2013Charles J. Condon
Sergeant, Virginia Beach Police Department
2014Robbie Robertson
Virginia Department of Criminal Justice
2015Robbie Robertson
Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services
2016Ray Ash
Ash Investigations
2017Ray Ash
2018Ray Ash

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